Rebuild Your Credit Wisely - Consider Secured Credit Cards

Secured credit cards are a practical solution for individuals with poor credit. These cards require a security deposit, acting as collateral and providing a structured way to establish or rebuild credit while minimizing the risk of overspending.

Gene Davis

7/17/20232 min read

Why consider secured cards?

  • Credit Rebuilding: Secured credit cards offer a controlled environment to rebuild your credit by making timely payments and demonstrating responsible credit use.

  • Risk Mitigation: The required security deposit minimizes the risk for both the cardholder and the issuer, creating a more secure financial arrangement.

  • Take action today:Click for the BEST secured credit card, ensuring you make an informed decision on selecting the right option for your credit rebuilding journey.


You will receive your secured card once you have fully funded the deposit to open the card and have been approved by the issuing Bank. You can put down as little as $200 to open your secured card if you apply through our program. Typically you receive your card around 2 weeks after you are approved by the issuing Bank.


Our Secured Card's program is designed to help you build your credit with all three credit bureaus. It would be impossible to say how much your score will go up but some members have seen their credit score improve by more than 50 points. Please note that each individual has a unique credit report and we cannot make any guarantees as to your specific score improvement. To get the maximum increase for your credit score we recommend always making your payments on time for your secured card and never spending more than 25% of your card limit each month.


That's right :) We want our service to be accessible to everyone and that means no hard credit inquiry when you apply and no credit score requirement for approval. You use your own money to fund your deposit to open your secured credit card and as a result, there are no strict credit requirements. You may not be approved for a secured credit card if you have an active bankruptcy. In select situations, the issuing Bank may request a copy of your Drivers License and a utility bill or bank statement to verify your identity.


Our Card is a secured credit card marketplace. Based on the state you live in, we match you with a secured credit card that has a low $200 security deposit and reports to all 3 credit bureaus. Our mission is to help our users build credit and reach their financial goals while avoiding credit cards that charge interest rates over 30%, high annual fees and application fees.

By strategically using secured credit cards, you're taking proactive steps toward improving your credit health.

Should you have questions about secured credit cards or need assistance with any financial matters, please feel free to reach out. We're here to support you on your journey to financial well-being. Call today 1-888-599-1830.

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