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Landlords and Property Managers

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Ongoing Rental Reporting:

Rent payments are often the most expensive bill your tenants have each month. You can help them boost their credit score by reporting those payments to the top two credit bureaus.

Plus, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits as well:

Attract and Retain Credit-Conscious Renters.

Tenants want to get the credit they deserve from paying their monthly rent on time, and they’ll appreciate that you’ll help them do just that.

Hold Tenants Accountable.

When your renters know that you'll be reporting their payments to the credit bureaus each month, they’ll be more likely to pay on time.

Decrease Late Payments and Evictions

Late payments can severely and negatively affect tenants’ credit scores. And when they understand the consequences, they’ll be more likely to pay on time.

Improve Landlord-Tenant Communications

Since your tenants know that you’re reporting on-time and late rental payments, they’ll keep you in the loop when they’ll be a day or two late.

Secure More, Better Investors

Create a differentiator for your property management firm in the marketplace, which will appeal to property owners and garner you more clients.

Compete with Larger Property-Management Firms

Offers a cost-effective solution that puts you on par with the top nationwide property managers—at a fraction of the normal costs.

No Long-term Commitments:

With a flat, low monthly fee, no software requirements, and no long-term contracts, our monthly reporting service is flexible, no matter how large or small your firm.

Easy to Use.

Our cloud-based system works with your software. You can even automate reporting by completing some simple upfront steps. It’s no hassle and all benefits!

Payments Based on Your Needs.

We can bill you monthly, quarterly or annually based on your specific needs at the moment, cashflow you have coming in compared to going out, and your desired results.

We make it simple to get started reporting your Clients’ rent.

We have API integration with most of the top property management software platforms to make it a seamless transition.

Or we can customize your rent-roll into our database secured through AWS to meet PPI, SOC and FCRA guidelines and protocols, and we’ll do the rest.

Starting Is as Easy As Clicking the Button to activate the start.

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